Sorok is a non-profit charity organization working for Filipinos affected by Leprosy and Filipinos who are homeless and living in the streets. The beneficiaries of the foundation are mostly our people whom we see everyday but we tend to neglect and avoid due to their lowly and miserable conditions, our neighbors whom we tend to forget. Our mission is to empower our forgotten neighbors to let them rebuild their lives again and become self-sufficient. 


Sorok Uni Foundation was founded by Capt. Jae J. Jang, a businessman, a former ship captain and a Christian, on April 25, 2002. His frequent visits to Filipinos who were affected by leprosy in then Tala Leprosarium at Tala, Caloocan, has inspired him to start an organization that would help Persons Affected with Leprosy (PALS). According to Capt. Jang, “when I had the chance to hold a deformed hand of hansen, I was touched. It was like God saying, ‘You have to help them’, [and] I felt I had to extend more help to cured leprosy patients”. Adopting the name of Sorok Island (confinement island of PALS in Korea; same as like Culion Island in the Philippines) and combining it with UNI (You and I) of the Uni Group of Companies, Capt. Jang has established Sorok Uni Foundation Inc. 

core values

Love the Lord our God, above all

We greatly appreciate all of God’s blessings to us from the gift of life, our capabilities, up to our earthly possessions.  We give back all the glory to him by putting His words and wisdom first on our everyday lives in and outside of our workplace.


Love our Country

Regardless of our race or nationality, we commit ourselves to help in the development of our homelands and our countrymen.  It is our obligation to know, understand and learn from our histories.  We strive to eradicate  apathy and advance patriotism by initiating change within our sphere.


Love our Neighbors

We inspire others by doing good to all.  We believe that kindness and love are cures to existing social diseases and that it should be shared too all, regardless of religion, age or status in life.


Love our Organization as a whole

We channel our own ambitions to the organization and each member serve as our inspiration.  We believe in collective success- “the rise of the organization is the triumph of all; its downfall will also be our defeat.”


“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.  

Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”


Sorok has started out as a dole out organization. However, in its journey in helping PALs, the organization has learned that it cannot continue forever providing for its beneficiaries. Such method will only make them dependent and unproductive. This led to the organization’s adoption of the above philosophy, “Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. 

+632 7 577 5999 / 0917 531 6865

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