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Kalusugan, Kaisipan, at Kapakanan ng Bawat Bata Ating Tutukan: National Children’s Month 2022

Stated in the Republic Act 10661, every November, National Children's Month is observed to promote the importance of children's rights and welfare. This year’s theme is "Kalusugan, Kaisipan, at Kapakanan ng Bawat Bata Ating Tutukan!", which highlights the overall health and wellness of every child.

Physical and mental health development starts from childhood, therefore it is important to give children basic necessities, such as a balanced diet, adequate clothes, shelter, and proper healthcare. Providing them privileges motivates them to live an active lifestyle that will keep them both physically and psychologically healthy.

Sorok Uni Foundation is one in supporting the well-being of every child. It caters Underprivileged Filipino Children through projects such as Sorok Day Care, Adopt-A-School, Digital Literacy, and Inawa Panaynep Dormitory. It was also assisted by Dream Project Scholarship and Supplemental Feeding, aided by Sorok’s fundraising activities such as Sponsor-A-Dream and Sorok Short Film Festival (SSFF) respectively.

SSFF is a film competition that aims to raise social awareness, promote the talents of both amateur and professional Filipino filmmakers, and raise funds for the nourishment of Mangyan students of Inawa Panaynep Elementary School and Libagon Elementary School in Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro. It has been assisting the Mangyan children of the said schools since 2019 and continuously supports them until this day.

Sorok lends a helping hand to children of all sectors because their success will be the country’s breakthrough from the lowest level of poverty in the future.


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