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Sorok Uni Foundation is a PCNC and DSWD accredited non-government organization that works for and with Persons Affected with Leprosy (PALs), Individuals and Families in Street Situation, Underprivileged Children, and Disadvantaged Indigenous Peoples.


“A Philippines Without Forgotten Neighbors”


Sorok Uni Foundation, Inc. aims to emancipate forgotten neighbors in the Philippines from social stigma and lowest level of poverty through empowerment and building sustainable communities.


“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”


Love the Lord our God, above all
Love our country (Nationalism)
Love our neighbors (Equality, Inclusivity and Compassion)
Love our organization as a whole (Teamwork)


YEAR 1994

It was 1994 when Chairman Jae Jung Jang’s friend, a missionary pastor at Samaria Mission International, Inc., asked him to give a ride to Tala Leprosarium Hospital. That was his first time to see a leprosy patient, and it brought his grandiose lifestyle down to earth. The patient’s lack of a hand originally confused and embarrassed him when he first meet him there. But Chairman Jang felt compassion and empathy for the sufferer, as if God called him to help the patients. He gave up his vices as a result of this encounter, and he often visits his friends with leprosy in Tala, bringing them something new each time. Because of his experience, Chairman Jang changed and realized the value of money to help Persons Affected with Leprosy (PALs).

YEAR 1996

Thorugh Manila New Life Church, Chairman Jang has continuously helped the leprosy patients through an outreach program. This began with donating goods for the patients in Tala Leprosarium to operating a rehabilitation facility for leprosy patients which was called Samaria Village in Caloocan City. This is a rehabilitation house for cured leprosy individuals who had nowhere to go after being discharged from the old Tala Leprosarium, now Dr. Jose N. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital and Sanitarium. Chairman Jang’s frequent visits to Filipinos who were affected by leprosy in Tala Leprosarium have inspired him to start an organization that would help Persons Affected with Leprosy (PALs).


Sorok Uni Foundation was founded by Chairman Jae J. Jang, a businessman, a former ship captain, and a Christian on May 7, 2002. His frequent visits to Filipinos who were affected by leprosy, in then Tala Leprosarium (now Dr. Jose N. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital) in Tala, Caloocan, has inspired him to start an organization that would help Persons Affected by Leprosy (PALs). According to Chairman Jang, “When I had the chance to hold a deformed hand of a Hansen, I was touched. It was like God saying, “You have to help them”, and I felt I had to extend more help to cured leprosy patients”.

Adopting the name of Sorok Island (a leprosy colony in South Korea; like Culion Island in the Philippines), and combining with UNI (You and I) of the Uni Group of Companies, Chairman Jang has established Sorok Uni Foundation Inc.
















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