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EARTH DAY 2022: Invest In Our Planet

According to Earth Day.Org, every 22nd of April marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. Environmental groups that had been fighting individually against oil spills, polluting factories, toxic dumps, and the extinction of wildlife united on Earth Day. The observance of the said event continued until this day.

Sorok Uni Foundation, in partnership with EarthDay.Org, conducted an online webinar last April 22, 2022, with the theme, Invest In Our Planet. It aims to raise awareness and to create a platform to discuss the changes that need to be addressed on protecting the environment. The participants of the said webinar are the Sorok Beneficiaries and employees, Uni-Group employees, and viewers from its livestream on Sorok’s Facebook Page.

The younger generation was encouraged to join the Earth Day movement because they’ll be the ones who will experience the devastating effects of climate change. With this, we invited our Sorok Dream Project scholars to join the activity. The scholars made little ways that can contribute in caring for the earth such as planting and proper waste segregation. It is better to start them young so that once they grow older, they know how to help in the preservation of the environment.


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