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Leprosy Awareness Month: United For Dignity

"Lepers are our neighbors but forgotten by us…they are existing but we do not pay attention.", said Mr. Jae Jung Jang in an interview with Business Mirror.

Sorok Uni Foundation was established on April 25, 2002 and it envisions a Philippines without forgotten neighbors, catering the Persons Affected with Leprosy as the first beneficiary. Sorok bought a 10-hectare land in San Antonio, Quezon, where the cured Leprosy patients will be relocated, before being reintegrated back to society. One of Sorok’s first beneficiaries is Yollyses Capintes.

Yollyses or Yolly was first diagnosed with Leprosy in 1997. Some parts of his body experienced numbness, like what persons affected with Leprosy has. He lost his friends due to Leprosy, as well as his family who even has no history of Leprosy. In 2007, he decided to seek medical attention at Tala Hospital, Caloocan. He was able to get proper treatment and he was completely cured in 1 year.

Yolly underwent the ALS or Alternative Learning System to pursue his studies. Afterwards, he continued his studies and graduated with a degree in Education Major in English in 2019. Now, he is teaching at Holy Rosary College Foundation, the same school where he graduated.

Apart from teaching, he is also the Community Coordinator in Tala, Caloocan, assisting 38 families, 24 scholars, and 12 Persons Affected with Leprosy.

Sorok Uni Foundation continues its advocacy in breaking the stigma on Leprosy. We are conducting Leprosy Awareness Lectures in Leprosy-reported areas. We also recently conducted a Leprosy Awareness Webinar via SUFI's Facebook page. Through these activities, we may be able to share knowledge about Leprosy, which can help alleviate discrimination.


Sorok Uni Foundation, Inc.

UNISTAR Building, 1239 T. San Luis Street, Pandacan, Manila, 1011 Metro Manila


Telephone Numbers:
FCD: 0917-168-7834 | PSSD: 0917-163-7834 | HOTLINE: (02)7 211 8954

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