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Everyone deserves to be loved for who they are, their flaws, and unique qualities.

On the other hand, there are ways on how one can show love to others by means of expressing love languages such as Acts of Service, Gift-giving, and Quality Time, like in Sorok Uni Foundation.

Due to Mr. Jae Jung Jang’s frequent visits to Filipinos who were affected by Leprosy in Tala, Caloocan, he was inspired to establish Sorok Uni Foundation, which its programs were aligned in rebuilding the lives of the Persons Affected by Leprosy (PALs). As the organization envisioned a Philippines without forgotten neighbors, it also started helping the Homeless Individuals and Families by providing temporary assistance and spiritual empowerment.

Furthermore, SUFI lends a helping hand to individuals who were experiencing the lowest level of poverty and social stigma through assistance in a holistic approach and campaigning advocacies in all activities/platforms possible.

Sorok believes that the season of love can be celebrated not only with loved ones, but also with the forgotten neighbors. The organization was able to conduct a Valentine's Day Special Celebration with the Leprosy patients at Tala Leprosarium, Caloocan and Homeless beneficiaries of Project New Life - Kamada at Manila Boystown, Parang, Marikina.

Through a short program, the beneficiaries were able to express themselves and Sorok was able to extend love by giving Valentine's gifts to them.

“I realized that Valentine's Day is not just for couples, family, or loving oneself - it’s how we love our forgotten neighbors. I got too emotional that time because when I serenaded them with a song, I saw the smile on their faces. It’s fulfilling on my part and I thank God for the opportunity to serve them”, stated by Mr. Allen Fajardo, one of the SUFI employees that joined the said activities.

Love as one's home: Sorok Uni Foundation conducted a Valentine's Day Celebration during the Sunday Activity for the Homeless Individuals and Families in Manila Boystown, Parang, Marikina.

Love grows when it is shared, no matter how small or big the efforts are. Apart from giving gifts, Sorok also conducts initiatives that will serve as an avenue for all to help and share the love to fellow Filipinos.

Sorok Charity Golf Tournament is one of the activities that supports SUFI’s catered beneficiaries. A total of 146 players and 62 sponsors supported the said event and the proceeds were allocated for the utilization of its programs and services.

Expressing care is also a form of love. Through the years, activities like the 11th SCGT have been committed towards empowering people and building sustainable communities for the Persons Affected by Leprosy, Homeless and Displaced Individuals and Families, Underprivileged Filipino Children, and Disadvantaged Indigenous People of the Philippines.

Swing For A Cause - The 11th SCGT is an annual fundraising activity that supports the Persons Affected with Leprosy, Homeless and Displaced Families, Underprivileged Filipino Children, and Disadvantaged Indigenous People of the Philippines.

February has been referred to as the season of love, yet every single day must be an opportunity to express love and show care to loved ones and kababayans in need.


Sorok Uni Foundation, Inc.

UNISTAR Building, 1239 T. San Luis Street, Pandacan, Manila, 1011 Metro Manila


Telephone Numbers:
FCD: 0917-168-7834 | PSSD: 0917-163-7834 | HOTLINE: (02)7 211 8954

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