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Sorok Uni Foundation Inc.

Ready for Face-to-Face

As COVID-19 restrictions were easing out and the use of facemasks became optional, a new challenge was brought forth to Filipino students, attending classes face-to-face. The pandemic has hit the country hard and made a huge dent on the quality of education

No barriers hindered Sorok Uni Foundation in extending a helping hand to fellow Filipinos since the beginning of the pandemic. Last year, we assisted 1,872 beneficiaries from Sorok Region IV-A, Region IX, NCR, and MIMAROPA.

This year, COVID-19 restrictions were lifted, use of facemasks was turned optional, and recorded cases dropped. This status signified the face-to-face interactions of schools once again. After two years, the school year shifted from online to hybrid learning and face-to-face classes.

While students were looking forward to the face-to-face modality of instruction, others couldn't comply with the needs for their physical classes due to financial challenges. To address the problem and in preparation for the incoming school year, Sorok provided bags to schools in Sorok Region MIMAROPA, Region IV-A, Region IX, and NCR, as part of Sorok Dream Project Scholarship's benefits. During the provision of the bags, the Sorok team conducted general assemblies and orientations to inform them about the rules and advantages of the Dream Project. 269 scholars from the Sorok communities benefited from the said distribution.

Sorok Uni Foundation supports and helps individuals to be empowered mentally, physically, and spiritually through projects under the Empowerment programs. One of the initiatives under the said program is the Sorok Dream Project Scholarship, which assists underprivileged Filipino youth and children to have access to quality education and opportunities. This is one way to help them make their dreams come true.

Sorok Uni Foundation, Inc.

UNISTAR Building, 1239 T. San Luis Street, Pandacan, Manila, 1011 Metro Manila


Telephone Numbers:
FCD: 0917-168-7834 | PSSD: 0917-163-7834 | HOTLINE: (02)7 211 8954

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